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Over thousands of years, lime paint has been employed for its magnificent results and its utility in both construction and painting, especially in the Mediterranean area.


People, according to popular culture, prepared the paint by baking limestone rocks for hours in wood-fired ovens, then they extracted the lime and milled and mixed it with water.


Our ecological lime paint is the result of a desire to reclaim this natural method, deeply rooted in the history of Ibiza, where limestone abounds. Painting with it keeps the interior and exterior walls of houses in perfect condition, creating an effective, sustainable and healthy result.


We have collected and updated this legacy, formulating a traditional paint but with modern technology to provide the best possible performance, while retaining its own luminous and mineral appearance, absence of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission, with excellent coverage and easy application.

Eco Lime Paint Benefits

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IBIZALIVING has created ecological lime paint; FINCA WHITE with historical identity and adapted to our modern demands, offering a healthy paint for our houses that is respectful with the environment.


FINCA WHITE lime paint is ecological because it is composed of aerial lime and selected minerals, it does not contain solvents or toxic products. It is also permeable to water vapor, and since it does not accumulate humidity it enables the walls to breathe, avoiding serious diseases and generating healthy spaces. At the same time it is waterproof, as the paint deeply penetrates into the porousness of the surfaces and prevents water seeping through the walls, avoiding humidity accessing the interior of the house..


These types of paints are very healthy and anti-allergenic as, due to their alkalinity, they prevent bacteria or micro-organisms from adhering to the surface, thus considerably reducing allergy problems in the home caused by mites and mold. This same quality makes it anti-fungal, by not allowing mold spores, algae, lichens and bacteria to establish themselves.


In addition, the FINCA WHITE lime paint is resistant to rubbing, and has very good behavior in exposures or adverse environments such as rain or hail, is resistant to UV rays and is also flame-retardant. It is dirt-free and odorless as it does not contain volatile substances.


IBIZALIVING was inspired by the tonalities of Ibiza to create our range of colors FINCA WHITE. Each one represents one of the five elements.


SPIRIT: The essence of everything, the identity of the island, the characteristic white color of Ibiza’s houses, which is why Ibiza is known as the White Island.

EARTH: The sandy beaches of Ibiza define its geological identity, the color soil represents the sands that border the coast of the island.

WATER: The color diversity in the waters of the coast of Ibiza makes this island a unique attraction, for that reason we have selected a characteristic blue that represents its waters.

AIR: The island is breathtaking thanks to its abundant vegetation. In order to represent the characteristic green color, we have been inspired by the cactus, contemplating the many shades and intensities of green that it offers.

FIRE: The red tone comes from the inspiration of the cultivated fields, exposing the so characteristic reddish of the island.

Range of Colors

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FINCA WHITE ecological lime paints for indoor and outdoor use are presented in containers of 15, 1O and 5 liters. Immediate delivery of white paint and colors from the chart.

Air lime type CL90 (UNE EN 459-1 :2001)
SPECIFIC WEIGHT: 1.25 kg/1 ± 0.05
pH: 13 ± 0.05 DRY EXTRACT : 59°/o
VISCOSITY BROOKFIELD RTV3 RPM 10: 6000 cp ± 1000 cp
DENSITY: approx. 1.35 kg/1
COMPLETE DRYING A +23 oC i 80°/o R.H.: approx. 24 h
PRODUCT APPEARANCE: Opaque, matt and mineral
CERTIFICATION ISO 16000 with best result A+

FINCA WHITE eco lime paint is made with mineral pigments. It is recommended to do a previous color test. If the environmental conditions change a lot during the application or it is applied on different supports, small chromatic variations may occur. It is recommended to apply our eco lime paint with weather temperatures between +8 °C y +30 °C, y HR < 80%.


Also the right support prep will guarantee a superior quality of final finish. To maintain the homogeneity of the paint it is necessary to mix it thoroughly before use. Apply the paint in thin and even layers. We recommend waiting for an approximate time of 12 hours between each coat. (May vary depending on weather conditions).

PERFORMANCE: For good coverage it is recommended to apply two or three coats. The performance of lime paint depends on the application tool and the support on which it is applied. With 1 liter it is possible to paint 4 square meters two coats.

SURFACE TYPE: On any porous surface (plaster, stone, mortars, etc.). It can also be applied on plasterboard walls and / or painted with synthetic paint, although breathability is compromised. It is not recommended to apply it on waterproofed or low porosity surfaces (varnish, plastic, metal, etc).

APPLICATION: The paints are suitable for painting all types of exterior and interior walls where a quality finish is desired. You can apply with roller, brush or gun.

SAFETY: Lime paint is alkaline. In case of contact with the eyes, wash them immediately with abundant water. Keep out of the reach of children.